Throughout the progression of my career, the area of focus has changed as the digital space evolved. From print and logo brand development, to event marketing public relations, to the ever developing digital space of constant customer engagement through access to the devices we all now carry at any given moment.


Create an online portfolio to illustrate professional ability and process in developing quality products and customer experience to future employers, clients, and colleagues. Additionally, interactions and user interface design will be an area of focus.


As my core disciplines primary reside in design, the front end development of this project will be a primary challenge. As I want more control over interactions, UI, and improve my understanding I will move away from Squarespace and use Webflow to build my portfolio.


Rough sketch of landing page

Through research some common patterns emerge in product design portfolios:

  • A profile quickly readable to describe who the designer is, what they do, and a call to action to connect.
  • An image of the designer often looking off to the horizon or in the middle of work
  • The use of case studies to depict their process and methodologies
  • Articles on subjects to build authority in their space: design principles, side projects, opinions, educational content, etc.
  • A final Call to action to connect or where else to find them online

Some aspects I wanted to use in my portfolio was the use of stark contrast and simple interactions to draw focus to case studies and work samples.

I experimented with some concepts on dribbble to see what people were drawn to, and shared these posts to engage with some feedback from colleagues and friends.

A portfolio should also be used to show what is important to the designer. One subtle "easter egg" I added which I really quite like is a hidden roll over of the word "Canadian" in my greeting profile overview.


A personal portfolio can stagnate if not maintained, iterated upon, and measured. Additionally, I have set up a basic schedule to submit work to dribbble, and leverage that work to create stronger links between my online assets. As this will be a constant work in progress in the future, I have set up some basic measuring tools. The primary metric will be email contacts through the two main call to actions. Each one is a basic mailto: link which I have set up different subject lines for each to compare. My assumption will be that the primary link at the top of the home page would generate more emails. Secondary goal and metric to track are the click throughs and connections made in Linkedin.